About us

Name Utoku Tools Co., Ltd.
Address  1F., No. 190, Shude St., Daya Dist., Taichung City 428009 , Taiwan
Phone +886-4-25604323
Fax +886-4-25604324
Email utokutools.global.sd@gmail.com

is a product of UTOKU TOOLS Co., Ltd

Our main brand UTOKU represents UTOKU TOOLS Co., Ltd. We are located in Daya, Taiwan, which is the hand tool city of Taiwan.

We started producing hand tools in 1988 and have been supplying them to various fields including the automotive industry. Most of our main products are used as daily maintenance tools.

We started supplying tools of the brand UTOKU in 2020, and co-produced them with many Taiwanese manufacturers that sell internationally. We guarantee quality and durability, and are produced using Taiwan's many years of traditional skills and technology.

Once you touch UTOKU brand tools, we believe you will feel the joy of using hand tools.

We hope to bring every user:
Let tools bring more beautiful feelings to life, and have the fun and sense of accomplishment of handcrafting.