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    Winner of Honda Customs 2022, Nicola Manca, founder and head of Motocicli Audaci, cooperate with UTOKU TOOLS

    Nicola Manca is a professional rider , motorcycle builder and a brand ambassador.
    As a rider,  he runs the regional scrambler championship which he has won three years in a row.
    He has finished once third in the Italian scrambler championship and once second.
    As a builder, he worked with Honda Europe for which made the prototype of the super cub x in 2021 (bike released in over 200 magazines in the world and exhibited at eicma in milan) and won the best custom of europe in 2022 in biarritz. 

    Nicola currently follow some achievements of his atelier Motocicli Audaci. 
    As brand ambassador,  he has worked with barbour international, belstaff, redwing, bell helmet, guang helmet, chief, and other international brands.
    And most importantly, he is the only brand ambassador for fuel motorcycle in italy.

    We are honored to provide Nikolai with many practical hand tools and honored to assist him in his competition.
    And looking forward to Nicola creating more exciting games and works

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