New products

A new series of fixed head combination wrenches

UTOKU TOOLS new product released.
A new series of fixed head combination wrenches.
In 2024, with the intention of creating high-quality products, we hope to elevate UTOKU products to a new level.
The surface of the wrench is carefully polished and electroplated, which is full of beauty and gives you a new experience.
NEXPER is the meaning of "New Experience"
We want to make a new wrench series of UTOKU TOOLS and hope every users can feel a great , new experience when using NEXPER wrenches

【Product Description】
◆Mirror finish
◆100 teeth
◆The open end is machined in a V-shaped structure, which increases the area for tight contact with the screw, providing you with maximum torque without slipping.
◆Anti-slip gear design for rounded bolts

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