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UTOKU waxed cotton tool roll

UTOKU hand-tool storage cloth bag! New release!!
Co-branded by Taiwan's new brand!
A major collaboration between a hand tool brand and a clothing brand~
<Product Focus>
●Made from imported wax cloth●
Oil wax cloth has been tempered for many centuries and has become a favorite material for many outdoor products and marine sportsmen. Unlike ordinary high-end fabrics, which may only have a lifespan of 3-5 years, oil-waxed fabrics can be stored and used for a long time under maintainable conditions. It has a retro feel, restores surface traces, has unique colors, is windproof and waterproof, durable... and other functions.
●The designer sews them by hand●
CUT AND SEW STUDIO design director - Goofy Huang, uses professional sewing equipment and handmade sewing to complete each tool cloth bag.
The designers work wholeheartedly, hoping that every tool user who collects UTOKU tool cloth bags can feel our passion and care for the cloth bags.
●Genuine cowhide ropes and cowhide decorative accessories●
The cloth bag can be rolled into a cylindrical shape after being stored, and can be fixed with a rope. In order to make the tool storage more complete, real cowhide rope is used to achieve the purpose of durability and long-term use. Genuine cowhide material is also non-flammable
●Using world-renowned high-grade sutures●
The stitching of the cloth bag uses the world-renowned high-quality thread - Nylon 66 from the British Cost brand. The use of this wire greatly enhances the durability of the product itself. The designer specifically targeted the fragile points of the cloth bag to strengthen its structure, allowing users to use and store tools of different thicknesses with greater confidence.
●Brass ring●
The hand-pressed brass ring not only gives the product a more retro flavor, but also strengthens the rope strength of the cowhide rope when it is tied, so that the oil-waxed cloth can be used for a longer period of time.
●A sense of freedom in storage●
In addition to storing UTOKU series wrenches, you can also freely use the convenience and stability that the cloth bag brings to you.
It is a good choice as daily stationery or gadget EDC.