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UTOKU mini ratchet - socket & bit set

UTOKU mini ratchet - socket & bit set

UTOKU TOOLS mini ratchet - socket & bit set
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<Product Description>
● Ratchet in 72 teeth can rotate at an angle of 5°, and the extremely small operating space can help you complete disassembly and locking.
● Two-way switching design
● Wrenches and accessories are designed with fog surfaces, so that you will not slide easily when you use them, and you can also maintain a high-quality feel experience.
●Hex BIT accessories have exquisite colors, so that professional and amateur users can also have a new high-quality tool experience.
●Material: tool-grade chrome-sborer steel CR-6140 (wrench & sleeve) / S2 impact-resistant tool-grade silicon alloy steel (BIT)
●ratchet size: 8 cm
●Gross weight: 280 g

●$US 27 / each 

made in Taiwan